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About the Sheftic Pressure Boards

Mark Sheftic, the inventor and creator of the Sheftic Pressure Board has been teaching Ground Reaction Forces (how your feet interact with the ground) for a long time. The major obstacle in teaching is to create a feel that the student can relate to. A golfer learning how to shift their pressure is not as easy as you may think. The individual is learning a new motor pattern which requires learning a new sequence of motion. Learning this motion helps to creates efficiency (effortless power). The Sheftic Pressure Board will teach you, how to shift your pressure, the correct amount and most importantly the timing/sequencing.

Over 30 top 100 teachers are currently using the Sheftic Pressure Board. 2 PGA tour players currently train with over 600 PGA Professionals are having great success teaching with this aid all over the country.

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Sheftic Pressure Board is an aid and is about application. In the videos you'll get to see posts from PGA professionals sharing segments of their live lessons. As well as Mark frequently sharing parts of his live lessons to show how he teaches.

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The Sheftic Pressure Board Process



Holding Golf Clubs


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The top teaching aid made by the top teaching professional.

Mark Sheftic, PGA Teaching Professional, helps to develop players with good fundamentals, mental strategies and confidence to shoot lower scores. He created the Sheftic Pressure Board as an aid to help golfers understand balance, stability and pressure shift. 

Read more about Mark here.

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